Fashion house Mak from Split, with its 25 year tradition and recognisable fashion style trusted by generations of women, has left an indelible mark on urban, business and chic fashion. In its team, along with Neda Makjanić Kunić who is the owner and creator, for the last twelve seasons Mak has the extraordinarily talented Teo Perić who has given this brand a breath of fresh air and opened the doors to a new generation of fashion lovers.

Mak creates fashion for confident, sophisticated and busy women, and what has always made this brand special is its sensibility to the diversity of women. All fashion lines (business, casual and arty chic line of cocktail dresses and evening gowns) are issued in two versions. Basic collection which is suited for women that can be characterised as slim, and Lady collection with +size models. As we like to say, Mak designs clothes for "small" and " grand" women. Mak also has a special line "atelier" which is created in collaboration with numerous celebrities from Croatia's music industry and public scene.

Media representatives, both from printed and electronic media are well familiar with the name and standards of Mak's fashion lines, as well as with all advertising challenges and fashion projects with which this fashion house has reached the market and the public. MAK is a long standing expert fashion collaborator of many fashion festivals and beauty contests. We are present at numerous fashion expos and have invested a great deal in advertising and brand awareness. Fashion house MAK has participated in many fashion shows either as a solo brand or together with other renowned fashion brands in Hvar, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Zagreb, etc.

MAK's solo fashion show held in year 2000 held within the residential object of Vila Dalmacija was voted, in regards to the media coverage, the most successful fashion event of this kind ever held in Split. For years fashion house MAK was a guest at ZLATNA IGLA ZAGREBA, fashion show organised for craftsmen from Zagreb, brand was present at MONTURA, fashion show of all Dalmatian craftsmen and it has also followed the Croatian fashion-fest with its fashion shows. In all the fashion events of Fashion house Mak which are listed on our web pages we were not able to include all of our mini events because there were, over the last 25 years, just too many of them. We have participated in numerous fashion shows abroad : Sarajevo Fashion Week and the London runway show which was organised by the British – Croatian Society.

Each year MAK presents its new spring / summer and fall/winter collections on the most important fashion event in Croatia – Cro-a-Porter. With two annual season shows, .Cro-a-Porter is also a project with the longest tradition, according to stated standards, in Croatia. It has implemented revolutionary changes in production and got Croatian fashion closer to global standards. Cro-A-Porter was the first to implement the term LOOK BOOK on the domestic scene, i.e. overview of collections in printed form which is regularly published with the support of media sponsors. .
Leading role of Cro-A-Porter, main launching ground of fashion and production trends, has resulted in popularising of domestic fashion design and it has created other projects that follow its standards.


Neda Makjanić-Kunić, even though a professor by vocation and fashion designer by a life long obsession, created MAK in 1986 as a small sowing craft and hence entered the "male" world of entrepreneurship through the small door and advanced her way through by learning from her own mistakes. Successfully balancing the roles of a mother and a business woman, with her own strength and ideas she successfully built Fashion House MAK which now employs over 60 people and has become a well known Croatian company with constant business growth.

Along with her booming business career, she always finds time for charity work. Ms. Makjanić – Kunić is a member of Rotary Club Split – plus and Krug – Association of business women of Croatia that have dedicated their time in advancing the position of business women in society, business culture and cooperation between each other.

However, as Ms. Makjanić – Kunić likes to point out, all of this could not have been possible if it weren't for MAK's faithful customers who, for the last 25 years, through out each season take pleasure in each new collection and enjoy the quality, originality and professionalism ensured by MAK creations.

Ms. Makjanić – Kunić has received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career:

  • In 2010. Female entrepreneur of the year as selected by the Association of business women of Croatia – KRUG and under the high auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia dr. Ivo Josipović.
  • In 2007 Female business presented her with award for Female entrepreneur of the year in Split Dalmatian County
  • In 2004 Croatian Chamber of Trades presented her with the "Golden hands" award for the text textile crafts person in Croatia
  • In 2002 She was presented with an award for the most successful textile crafts person in Split Dalmatian County
  • In 2002 She was awarded with the "Siren of the Adriatic", award for the most successful fusion of fashion and tourism. Award was presented by the tourism industry specialists of Split – Dalmatian County
  • In 1998 winner of the award for her contribution and advancement of craftsmanship, presented by the Association of craftsmen of Slon and Split.